Amalgam is a Chicago-based, artist-run record label dedicated to documenting works of improvised and experimental music.

Amalgam is a 100% artist-run record label whose intent is to document various projects by musicians and sound artists in Chicago and elsewhere. Founded in 2015 by drummer and audio engineer Bill Harris, Amalgam has evolved into a force in Chicago, documenting a diverse array of sounds and scenes of the avant garde, from free jazz to improvised music to electronic music to metal.

Joined in 2020 by frequent colaborator and friend Ishmael Ali, Amalgam remains dedicated to artistic freedom, embracing the unconventional, and providing a platform for musical experimentation. Under the dynamic leadership of Harris and Ali, Amalgam thrives on diversity, constantly evolving its catalog with a myriad of sounds.

Invitations are sent out yearly to a handful of guest curators, ensuring a kaleidoscopic range of releases. These curators are given the liberty to unleash their creative energies, resulting in an eclectic fusion of genres and styles that helps defines Amalgam's unique sonic landscape.

"Musicians associated with Amalgam's various activities clearly have an interest in pushing beyond ideas of what improvised or experimental music should consist of [...] In the process they reveal that Amalgam envisions improvised and experimental music as not just niche categorisations which guide the consumption of a hyper-specific form of content, but rather a musical lineage which contains liberatory potential for musicians working across all kinds of genres - potential that every participating musician seeks to unlock through their own approach."

- Levi Dayan, The Wire, 2023